Nano Ceramic Car Coating

What is Nano Ceramic Car Coating & why is it Important?
Nano Ceramic car coating is the new way to protect your car’s paint. Years ago, waxes were very popular to protect your car. Now the situation is changed. Nano technology is the future of many industries and application areas are increasing day by day. One of them is car protection sector. This new technology comes with many advantages. In traditional methods ceramic or glass materials are applied for protection. But when you try, you experience that they are not so durable because of the chemistry of these materials. Car’s body flexes with the heat while it is running.
But how much these materials can flex? So these coatings can break down easily. The good news is, you will not face this problem in nano car coating. This method is more durable than the others. It is worth the money you spend for it. That coating will protect your car against environmental contaminants, UV lights and minor scratches.
Anano-coating basically provides a strong, protective surface to the car’s body that can block from accidental scratches to mud, dirt and other contaminants that are an inescapable part of the road and prevent them from causing damage to the car.
Not only is the car surface protected, but the fresh coating yields a shiny, sleek exterior that retains its gloss over a much longer period of time.
Due to their superior protection and long-term value, ceramic paint coating is the application of choice for car owners who want to keep their cars looking like new for years to come.
The wax sealant provides less protection, and eventually wears off, which means a fresh coat needs to be reapplied several times a year. On the other hand, a single coating of Ceramic coating ensures that you never need another wax job.
Protection and sealant using polymer PTFE based tetra coating with natural “Carnauba Organic” Coating.

Scope Of Work: What To Expect

  • Complete Steam wash (Car exterior)
  • Complete vacuuming of interiors with foot mats cleaning
  • Paint correction to remove dullness
  • Perfect it cleaner clay
  • Chrome & metal polish
  • Oxide layer and minor scratches and swirl marks
  • Paint protection and sealant using world class “3 layer Ceramic Coating”
  • Exterior polishing
  • Tyre arches cleaning with underbody wash
  • Engine wash
  • Side doors cleaning , washing and cleaning of door frames
  • Dashboard cleaning and polishing