Organic Coating Anti UV Protection

Get the complete Car Spa for your Exterior & Interior with world class products from K3CarCare ,our intensive internal APC cleaning package & Organic Coating with Carnauba Wax. The beauty is - we don't only clean it; we sanitize it and give your car a fresh feels and a germ free interior. Here you get the complete steam wash along with services below

  • Complete Exterior Car Wash (20% Steam Wash)
  • Steam Liquid Polishing /Waxing Of Exterior
  • Edges, Corners & Logo Cleaning
  • Complete interior vacuuming of cars including seats,boots & foot mats
  • Care Interior Polish and Engine Steam Wash
  • Scratch proof windshield spray, Car perfume spray
  • Scratch proof windshield spray, Car perfume spray
  • Exterior Window & Windshield Cleaning
  • Metallic Fenders & Grills Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning Agent Addition in Engine Room’s Water Tank
  • Paint protection and sealant using world class 1 layer
  • Organic Coating with Carnauba Wax
  • Basic Engine Room Cleaning (application polish for naked parts on Engine room)

Time Required for Gold Car Spa (2-3 Hours)