Normal Car Wash

Our Normal Steam Wash cleaning is carried out using the K3CarCare smart organic liquid for body paint which lifts and emulsifies dirt and Stem wash for your car.. The emulsified dirt is wiped away in one direction using special micro fibre towels and the waxy haze is buffed up using a fresh microfiber towel making your car gleam and shine! The smart liquid seals in moisture in the body paint elongating its life unlike water which takes away the sheen every time you wash. The Shine also acts as prevention against dust accumulation elongating the interval between cleans.

K3CarCare stipulates Specific products for [Body paint], [Glass], [Wheel rims] and [Tire Polish]. Each giving the respective parts an ‘as good as new’ gleam and shine.

  • Complete Exterior Car Wash (20% Steam Wash)
  • Steam Liquid Polishing /Waxing Of Exterior
  • Complete interior vacuuming of cars including seats,boots & foot mats
  • Care Interior Polish
  • Tyre Arches Cleaning & Polish
  • Engine steam wash
  • Scratch proof windshield spray, Car perfume spray.