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While waterless car washing systems or ‘eco-washes’ are not a new concept, we definitely felt there was an opportunity for an affordable, handy, sustainable and user-friendly alternative product that saves water in India, whilst at the same time being economically favourable to operate for business applications.

The K3CarCare does exactly that. Using a harmless, water-soluble wax which is sprayed on and wiped off with a micro-fibre cloth, the K3CarCare uses minimal water and does not contribute pollution to the water system.

Why Use K3CarCare

The K3CarCare is an environmentally friendly, waterless car washing system which is both a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to the traditional and now outdated car wash.

Perfcet Servicing

K3CarCare is an initiative that helps the discerning Varanasi car or bike owner maintain his car in ‘pristine’ condition while ensuring he is not making a dent into the planet’s water resources.

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